Saturday, July 25, 2009

Changes on Decks--Nordkapp HS (1987)

Here's a link to a photo gallery tracing my summer project to improve the Nordkapp HS (1987).

The main inspiration for the project was the removal of the hand-pump behind the seat. While it still worked 20 years after being originally installed, it was inoperational in rough water.

Many Greenland-inclined paddlers note that the Nordkapp's cockpit is too high at the back for layback rolls. So I decided to lower it by about 1 inch and make it flush with the back deck. I have pretty long legs, so an ulterior motive for this was to make my squeezing into the ocean cockpit easier.

I consider the project a success! It is much easier to get in now.

I hope this will serve as inspiration or a step-by-step to someone. Would appreciate to hear any feedback or suggestions on improvements or alternatives.

In addition to the pump and cockpit rim changes, the project included:
- Installing a day hatch
- Installing a bulkhead behind the seat to create a third water-tight compartment
- Relocating the skeg control box from behind to in front of the seat
- Installing a recessed deck compass receptacle

Conversion of the hand-pump into a foot-pump is next on the list.


  1. Haris, you are one very brave man!
    Lowering the rear deck of a kayak is not a job for the faint hearted :-)
    I have one kayak that I would love to do just that but I ain't got the balls.
    While I was a bit concerned when I modified (cut away) the stern of one of my kayaks, the job of lowering the deck seems more scary :-)

  2. Hi Damiano,

    This was nothing compared to the excellent job that you post on your website. Mine are practical adjustment, yours are art.

    For what it's worth, as long as you don't cut out the entire cockpit alignment is not an issue. The project is extremely forgiving! Fear not! I am looking forward to see your post on how lowered yours :)